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A new year is here and 2022 is already starting off with a different feel. As I’m currently writing this Virginia is getting hit with our first snow storm of the year!

There’s a lot that comes with a new calendar year, and insurance isn’t different. For starters, the Virginia state minimum coverage for auto insurance has increased effective January 1st. Home prices continue to increase and the real estate market is still hot. Insurance for a new home purchase doesn’t have to cost a lot if you compare rates. Home replacement cost estimates are seeing the impact of rising labor and material costs. Some carriers are increasing their minimum home deductibles to help offset rising claim costs. Used vehicle prices have skyrocket in the past year and parts to fix vehicles have been hard to find. RV and motorcycle sales are up but new inventory stock is down.

What Does This Mean For Your Insurance?

With all the above pressure mentioned above it may be hard to feel good about the new year.

However, that’s where our Family of Independent Agents can help. Insurance is not a one-size fits all industry. You see and hear ads from the same five or six insurance carriers, yet in Virginia there are over one hundred licensed insurance carriers.

By working with Dove Insurance Agency you can compare rates, coverages, and package options. And we do not stop once you’re a new customer. We offer in-house customer service such as:

  • Policy changes and quote requests
  • Pay your bill over the phone or in person
  • Answer coverage questions
  • File a claim
  • Help with policy documents or dealing with a financial institute
  • Requoting or comparing your current renewal

Plus we’re local. Just pick up the phone, send us an email or text, or simply stop by. For over 50 years Dove Insurance Agency has served the Southwest Virginia.

We’re here for you. Let us help.

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