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Where Does Insurance Go From Here?

By July 6, 2023Insurance

The insurance industry is going through some significant pricing changes as inflation and the overall cost of doing business continues to increase. And yes, it’s tiring to hear. The start of the COVID pandemic seems to fade further into the recesses of our minds, but the rippled affects of those long months continue to push prices higher.

Just look at some of these recent headlines in the Wall Street Journal:

Why It’s Impossible to Get Your Car Repaired This Summer – WSJ

Car Insurance Rates Are Soaring With Little Relief in Sight – WSJ *

Climate Risk a Major Challenge for Insurance Industry, Treasury Says – WSJ

What to Do When Your Home-Insurance Policy Isn’t Renewed – WSJ

Pro Take: A Big Source of Inflation Is Parked in the Garage (

Not only are premiums increasing across the country but policy underwriting is getting more restrictive. Insurance companies are looking more closely at a home’s condition, past claims, or restricting who can and can’t be excluded from your auto policy. Business insurance is also seeing tougher eligibility guidelines, and some carriers are excluding certain business types.

And it’s not just one company or one state. The entire industry is stressed. In the above article* the Labor Department data shows that car-insurance rates countrywide increased 17% in the past 12 months from May to May. Those include “A 40% increase by Allstate in Georgia, a 32% rise sought by Nationwide Mutual Insurance in California, an 11% bump by State Farm in New York.”

And something to consider too is the context of the rate increases. This article further states, “Car insurers last year lost on average 12 cents for every dollar of premium written, according to S&P Global. State Farm… lost 28 cents for every dollar written last year, posting a $13 billion underwriting loss for its auto arm.”

Dove Insurance Is An Independent Insurance Agency

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You’re never on your own when it comes to your insurance because we are here for you and will work with the insurance company on your behalf. We’re also dedicated to ensuring you have the coverage you need so that if you do suffer a loss, you’ll be appropriately covered.

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Signing the dotted line is not the last step, it’s the first step of our relationship to you as our client. Whether you need to update a policy, add coverage options, or simply have a question about your insurance, we’re here to ensure you always have the right protection.