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Thoughts on 2018

By December 19, 2017January 5th, 2021Auto Insurance, Insurance

The year 2018 is bringing a milestone into my life representing 40 years in the Insurance Industry. My first insurance job was in 1978 working for a Company called Dairyland Auto in their regional office located in Richmond.

Looking back, it was perhaps one of the best training opportunities to prepare me for 4 decades of serving customers. After 2 days of basic training I went live on the phones, fielding calls from both agents and customers all over Virginia, DC, Maryland, and Maine. The laws, rules, and regulations were different for each state. I had to learn quick to keep from being run over!

Since that beginning, I have continued to learn both how to serve customers and thrive as a business owner. And I have found that even though I still have a lot to know about business, wealth, life, and health I know that the secret is to persevere and keep moving forward.

So for all our existing customers and to the ones I haven’t met yet, please accept my thanks and wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year both now and for years to come!

Michael Dove

(540) 382.4277