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Rain or Snow?

By February 13, 2020January 5th, 2021Insurance

This winter has been wet, and rainy. In fact, it’s a record setting winter for rainfall amounts for many parts of southwest Virginia.

Even as I’m writing this blog post it’s raining outside, and the 10-day future forecast features a familiar rain cloud on 5 of those days.

But as with all things, the weather is constantly changing. Six years ago, between 2-12-14 and 2-13-14, we felt the brunt of a major snowstorm. WSLS recently recapped the storm and the official snowfall totals:

Christiansburg: 23″

Blacksburg: 20.1″

Martinsville: 19.8″

Willis: 19.4″

Roanoke: 19″

Galax: 16″

I remember this storm and how quickly the snow covered our roads. It started here around lunchtime and within an hour we made plans to close up earlier to ensure everyone got home safe.

Measuring Rain to Snow

The frequent amount of rain recently got me thinking about the fine line between rain and snow. According to the NSSL, on average 1″ of rain equals 13″ of snow!

The above ration can also vary from 2″ for sleet to nearly 50″ for very dry, powder snow under certain conditions.

Why This Matters

Weather, and perhaps more importantly, preparing for inclement weather events is easily associated with insurance. For example, if you have comprehensive insurance (other than collision) on your auto and it’s damaged in a weather-related event, your vehicle may be covered.

The same is true on your homeowners. Certain damages by weather, including wind and snow, can be covered under by your policy. This is why your policy deductible matters.

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