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Purchasing A New Home In Virginia? We Can Help.

By February 3, 2021Insurance

If you are purchasing a new home, rental property, condo or townhome then Dove Insurance Agency can help provide you with great property insurance.

Instead of working for one insurance company, our Family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This means we can compare rates and coverages for your new purchase and explore multiple coverage options.

Dove Insurance Agency also coordinates around your closing. We work directly with mortgage providers and your title loan/closing attorney. This way your closing runs smooth (at least from the insurance end!). Even if your closing date is changed we can quickly provide updated documentation to all concerned parties.

Bundle or Monoline Policies

Yes, if you bundle your home insurance with your auto insurancemotorcycle insuranceRV insurance, or add an umbrella insurance policy, then you will receive a multi-policy discount.

However, we will write just your home insurance. No need to bundle.

In fact, while bundling will net you an extra discount it is not always the best pricing option. Our Family of Independent Agents compare rates and look for the best overall package—not the best bundle.

For example, say Company A has the best auto insurance rate ($500) but their home insurance is high ($1000) while Company B has the best home rate ($500). In this case, the best overall pricing is to match your home insurance with Company B and your auto insurance with Company A.

Get a quote today and discover everything that our Family of Independent Agents can do for you.