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Planning For Your Insurance in 2019

By December 17, 2018January 5th, 2021Insurance

Time flies by. In a few short weeks we’ll usher in 2019 and the last year of this decade. Do you realize that 10 years ago (that’s 2009 for you non-math majors) we witnessed such headlines as: GM filing for bankruptcy, Michael Jackson passing away, President Obama being sworn in, Cash For Clunkers being a thing,  and the Pittsburgh Steelers surviving the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

Though you may remember some of these events, can you remember where you were in life 10 years ago? And how much has life changed in this same time frame?

Your insurance needs evolve over time. There are numerous “life events” such as marriage, kids learning to drive, newer cars, or perhaps your assets have grown and now you need broader coverages; but whatever life throws at you it pays to talk with an Independent Agent.

We’re here for you. 

A good story is someone we spoke with recently and quoted multiple policies for. This married couple had an online policy for many years and wanted to compare some rates. When we looked over their current coverages, the most striking issue we saw were state minimum liability amounts. This couple not only owned their home and a rental property, but they were medical professionals. When we explained the risk they were taking to save a few dollars from this online policy, they wisely listened. Understanding your insurance should be part of your buying decision.

Remember, insurance isn’t just a rate. 

Serving The Commonwealth of Virginia For Over 50 Years

At Dove Insurance Agency our family of Independent Agents are dedicated to serving you and working with your lifestyle. We’ll educate you on the coverage you need to keep your property and family secure, no matter what the future brings.

Instead of working for one big company, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available.