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Personal Injury Coverage and Your Rental Property

By September 8, 2022Insurance

There are numberous coverage options avaliable for insuring your Virginia rental property. Landlord policies, or dwelling fire policies, differ from a homeowners policy because of the difference in ownership and risks. Your coverage options differ too.

One of the main coverage options to consider is Personal Injury Coverage. The exact policy language differs from carrier to carrier. For example, Travelers Insurance defines Personal Injury Coverage as, “liability coverage for personal injury to others, such as false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction, slander, libel or violation of right of privacy.”

It’s easy to see the benefits of Personal Injury Coverage. Even if you have a property manager or use your rental on a short-term basis (Airbnb) there are numerous benefits to consider in adding this coverage. And it’s not expensive!

Personal Injury Coverage is typically an optional endorsement while some insurance carriers may include it as a standard coverage. It’s important to know that not every insurance carrier offers Personal Injury Coverage on a rental property.

This is another reason why using an Independent Agent is so valuable. Instead of working for one insurance company, we partner with multiple insurance providers to help you compare rates and available coverages.