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New Year, New Plans, And New Reads

By December 28, 2017January 5th, 2021Insurance

The start of a new year is here, and with it come new beginnings.  Resolutions will be made (and forgotten) and plans for the next twelve months, whether business or personal, will spring into action. For our family of Independent Agents, this time of year is also when we update our reading list. In fact, as our family grows and matures our Christmas morning has in many ways become a small book exchange, much to everyone’s delight.

Even if it’s a few minutes each day, reading is a great way to relax while feeding your mind with new knowledge. So what am I currently reading?

I love classic literature, and well-made biographies. Of course, I read plenty of finance and insurance articles to keep educated on our ever evolving world too. I also recommend Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan and The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey as reads everyone should put on their list sooner rather than later.

What Do You Have Planned For 2018?

Are you planning on purchasing a house? Expanding your family or just just vehicles? Moving to Southwest Virginia? There are many items we plan for, and many we do not. This is why it helps to know that someone local is here for you when the need arises.

2018 is going to be great year, and as a resident and local representative for the Commonwealth of Virginia, I’m ready and eager to begin new partnerships and extend those currently in place.

You can find me, and the rest of family of Independent Agents through our many avenues of communication.  You can even get a quote online through our agency.

Remember, we’re for you. Let us help.


Joshua M. Dove

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