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Matching Roof and Siding Packages

By February 1, 2023Insurance

Depending on your home insurance carrier there are numerous optional coverages to choose from. One exciting package option is an endorsement for matching roof and siding.

How Does It Work?

If you file a claim that is covered where only part of your roof or siding is damaged, this endorsement provides coverage, up to the selected limits, to replace the undamaged part of the roof or siding if a match cannot be found. 

Check your insurance carrier for exact policy wording and available coverage options. Some carriers include both matching roof and siding into one endorsement. 

Matching roof and siding coverage is optional and is not automatically included in a standard Virginia homeowners policy.

Other Endorsements To Consider
  • Additional replacement cost protection
  • Personal Injury
  • Earthquake
  • Water Back Up
  • Decreasing Deductible
  • And more
Your Home Insurance Options

Home insurance carriers have different coverage and package options avaible. That’s why working with our Family of Independent Agents is incredibly value.

Instead of working for one large insurance company, we represent multiple insurance carriers to help get you the best coverages with an affordable rate.

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