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Insurance for Rental Properties

Real estate is a great investment. To maximize your returns make sure you are properly covered and are receiving a competitive rate.

Whether you own a single family home, a townhouse, condo, or even a mobile home, our Family of Independent Agents can help cover your investment property.

We work with multiple carriers to help compare rates. There is no “one size fits all” approach to your policy or coverages.

  • Do you want coverage for wrongful eviction or personal injury?
  • Do you need higher liability coverages to protect your assets?
  • Are your properties insured for the correct amount of coverage?
  • Can you cover a vacant or unrented property?
  • Is it possible to schedule multiple properties on one policy?

These are common questions that you should think about before purchasing insurance coverage for your rental.

Purchasing A New Rental Property?

We coordinate around your closing and keep a hands on approach to make sure everything is properly completed. Forgot having to call a company directly or waiting in line to speak with the next representative.

Let our Family of Independent Agents simplify your new property purchase.

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