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How Much For A Dog-Related Claim!?

By May 27, 2022Insurance

Yes, your dog can impact your home insurance eligibility. Each home insurance carrier in Virginia has a list or definition of unacceptable dog breeds, and most will not write a policy if a dog in possession has a bite history. 

Dog bites and other dog-related injuries account for more than one-third of all homeowners liability claims paid out in 2021, according to the Insurance Information Instistute (Triple-I).

In 2021 the number of dog-related claims was 17,989 with an average cost per claim of $40,025!! This number includes not only dog bites but other dog-related claims such as a dog knocking down children, cyclists, and the elderly, which can result in costly injuries.

What Breed Of Dogs Are Unacceptable?

Again, this depends on the insurance carrier. For example, here is the list of unacceptable animals from SafeCo Insurance (a Liberty Mutual Company):

Any risk with:
• Any exotic pets (e.g., Pythons or rattlesnakes)
• Any of the following “breeds of concern”:
– Akita
– Chow
– Doberman Pinscher
– Presa Canario
– Pit Bull
– Rottweiler
– Staffordshire Bull Terrier
– Wolf hybrid
– Any mixture of the above breed of dogs

Some insurance carriers have broader lists, while others may be much simpler. It’s imperative to inform your home insurance carrier of your dog’s breed.