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Compare Insurance Policies This Summer

There are many scenes that describe summer—sunny days, cookouts, lakes, hiking, and baseball, to name a few of my favorites. Did you know that summer is also a great time to compare your insurance policies?

In Virginia there are over 100 different carriers licensed to offer you coverage. Most people can name a few based on ads but your options are much larger.

Why Use An Independent Insurance Agent?

Unlike an agent that works solely for a big insurance company, our Family of Independent Agents partner with dozens of insurance providers. This gives us more available resources, and the more options available means it is more likely you will save hundreds of dollars on your insurance.

Home and Auto Insurance? We Can Help.

Even if you are purchasing a new home we can help get you to closing hassle free. We compare rates through multiple carriers to get you the best savings available. And unlike some offices, we will write stand-alone business. Like your home insurance but want a better auto rate? We can offer just the auto without the need to switch your home. It is that simple.

Insurance For Your Business? We Can Help.

If you need general liability, worker’s comp or coverage for your commercial vehicles we can help. We offer coverage for many different classes, including:

Upon request we also offer COI (Certificate Of Insurance) for your policies and will send them directly to your customers or business partners.

Insurance For Your Boat, Motorcycle, or RV? We Can Help.

Have more fun this summer on the lake or on the road by saving on your insurance. And we offer customer service in our office for billing and payments, policy changes, ID card requests, and more.