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Auto Insurance ID Cards

By February 22, 2021Auto Insurance, Insurance

It is imperative to keep a copy of your auto insurance ID card with you while you drive. The same is true for any drivers listed on your policy.

In the event of an accident this allows you to quickly provide proof of insurance. If you are stopped by the police while driving or enter a road check you are required to show verification of insurance.

And if you need roadside assistance your auto insurance ID card will contain the relevant contact info to get you on your way.

No matter if you keep your auto insurance ID cards in your wallet, glove box, or on your phone, always make sure you have access to one at all times.

Are Digital ID cards accepted in Virginia?

Yes. Forty-nine states, including Virginia, permit drivers to show an electronic copy of their insurance card on a mobile device during a traffic stop.

Your auto insurance ID card is typically mailed to you when you sign-up for a policy and at each policy renewal (unless you opt for paperless documents then your cards will be accessible through your online account).

For most auto insurance carriers, you can also access your auto insurance ID cards through a mobile app. Simply search for your carrier in the app store.

If you are a Dove Insurance customer then you can call or stop by office and we will immediately provide you with cards in the format of your choice.

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